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International cooperation


International cooperation of the Department is manifested in several ways. The mobility of teachers and students during their studies opens the possibility of acquiring new knowledge and skills, getting to know new cultures and scientific contacts, and enriching personal identity. More details on the Erasmus+ and CEEPUS programs can be found on the University’s website ( ).

Teachers of the Department actively participate in numerous international scientific and professional conferences, gatherings, symposia, but also in projects and other events of an international character.


Student mobility and guest students:

A student may enroll in certain courses from the same or other studies-holders of the University’s studies, if these courses have been established by the holder of the study programme. A student may enroll in individual elective courses according to the list of elective courses of the University adopted by the Senate of the University for each academic year (Article 30 of the Regulations on studying at the University of Slavonski Brod).

Guest student (Article 18 of the Regulations on studying at the University of Slavonski Brod) prescribe the forms and ways of studying guest students. A guest student is a full-time or part-time student from another higher education institution in the country or abroad who enrolls in a part of the study program on studies that are organized and are performed at the University, on the basis of a special agreement with other universities on the recognition of ECTS credits. The status of a student’s guest lasts at least one semester and a maximum of one academic year, and his rights and obligations are regulated by a special contract.


Enrollment of foreign students:

Foreign citizens scholarship holders of the Republic of Croatia and stateless persons who are not permanently resident in the Republic of Croatia have the right to enrol in the study according to the conditions established by the Ministry of Science and Education, i.e. on the basis of interstate agreements and contracts. In the event that the enrolment places for foreign citizens are not filled, these enrolment places can be filled with candidates citizens of the Republic of Croatia / EU.


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